Poomsae scoreboard software

The poomsae software can be used in combination with TaekoPlan to provide a fully automated process of planning, result entry and publishing.


The software is working with tablets and can be used in a wireless network.


The current version is 1.11.

Video Replay

The video replay software is a full featured package for using video replay in your event. 



  • Recording with 1 upto 4 cams (depending on your hardware!)
  • Playback switch between all cams
  • Frame by frame, zoom in/out, flip, change playback speed, one second forward/reverse stepping
  • Adjustable nr. of seconds reverse starting from end of recording
  • Perfect smooth zoom in and out (depending on the recording resolution)
  • Completely configurable so more than one brand of cams can be used
  • Synchronized recording for all cams or separate start/stop
  • Add external Daedo or KP&P scoreboard as PIP (Picture-in Picture) to the capture or use the built-in scoreboard, connected to the running PSS application.
  • Connection to Daedo for automatic start of capture at the start of fight or start of each round
  • Joining of all split files to one complete fight at the end of the fight (configurable)
  • Image and text overlay functions
  • Compression to H264 (MP4) and using advanced tooling to reduce CPU usage
  • Using NVENC and AMD GPU hardware where possible
  • Separate capture and player to avoid conflicts
  • Supports output to all major types like MP4, MKV, AVI.
  • Able to use external FFMPEG for optimized recording
  • Completely built in .NET for optimum performance
  • Full debug options (see screenshots) in case there is no picture or no capture or whatever you want to check.